Thursday, January 18, 2007

Clay Regazzoni

Day four Clay Regazzoni 1993-2006 acrylic on canvas 30x40"

I would like a moment to remember Clay Regazzoni,who died in a car crash,just before Christmass.

As a little kid,way back in the 70's,I can remember this wild driver in his red Ferrari,not one of the more sophisticated,but always ready for action,larger than life,it seemed the actual driving was more important than the results.A true childhood hero.
Still,he managed 5 superb victories and second in the 1974 World Championship

After a big crash (brake failure,Long Beach,1980),Clay lost the use of his legs,but not his spirit!

Now driving with handcontrols he set up driving schools for handicapped drivers and also drove the Paris Dakar rally.