Wednesday, March 07, 2007



The first Grand Prix of the year is just round the corner!
as a preview,I will treat you with a dip into my vast archive,a countdown from 1900 till 2007
ten days for a houndred years...

One of the earliest cars I've painted,is this Napier from 1904,driven by S.F.Edge. like a big tractor and about as fast. oil on panel 18 x 30" sold

I could tell you about the city to city races,the rough,dusty roads,the many dangers...
but there are allready lots of books and web pages,written by far better writers,
suffice to say that ever since the car was invented,man wanted to race them... and some to paint them!

En Panne oil on panel 10x12" sold
Vincenzo Lancia with his Fiat breaking down during the French grand Prix in 1907.tried to paint this as the impressionists would have seen these cars.