Sunday, March 02, 2008

Green Monster


Art Arfons in his home build Green Monster,taking the landspeed record in 1964.with a two way average of 536.71mph!

American Muscle Press Release!
American Muscle to Sponsor ECTA Land Speed Record Attempt

American Muscle is helping to sponsor an attempt at the ECTA Land Speed
Record for a Production Supercharged vehicle with a Stock Bottom End which is currently at
186.853MPH from a standing mile. Attempting this feat will be the car's 73 year old owner Robert Self.
The attempt will be made April 5‐6th, 2008 at the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) in Maxton, North
Carolina. On the ECTA's 1mile x 30ft abandoned runway track, Robert is looking to hit a cool 200‐
210MPH and have room to stop.